A moment there, another, gone A moment, just, and nothing but A moment, infinite grief, borne A moment, a door, forever shut. Tis’ life, they say, they nod and shrug, Tis’ life, strange it is, hard luck, Tis’ life, I know, I can’t debug Tis’ life and this, it’s going to suck. A sadness creepsContinue reading “Gone”

Clash of the Spectacles

Just a simple walk, they promised each other, Two strangers far away from home; Two broken hearts, on a beach, in summer, A chance collision, in the dashing foam. He was tall, gentle, kind and strong, Glasses, hiding eyes deep, dark and sad She was delicate, alive like a song, Glasses, hiding eyes, mysterious, aContinue reading “Clash of the Spectacles”

A ball to remember

He comes, he fumbles, he smirks, he tumbles, He opens his mouth and concepts stumble An oblong ball that sways and grumbles He teaches, he preaches, to me it’s pure rubbish When he solves mathematics, it sounds like gibberish When he proves, I wonder, How dumb will be the new blunder His voice lulls aContinue reading “A ball to remember”


On that lonely lane, with the trees so high, Where birds and bees, both sing and fly, Little flowers bloom To say goodbye to gloom, Green meadows spread for miles and miles, Over hilltops and lawns and stiles; Where rabbits hop around the roads And squirrels quarrel under their abodes, The light breeze plays aContinue reading “Dreams”

Rediscovering Me

What was I a year ago?A Sculpture sculpted from years of care.What am I today,don’t know,The sculpture,to heat and rain, laid bare. Once I was so full of joy,Smiling and Hopping and Dancing my way.Now I feel I am but a toyIn the hands of the one I love, to play. Once I was strongContinue reading “Rediscovering Me”

Terror Unleashed

T’was a beautiful winter evening, with a soft breeze blowing, The roads of Bombay, with it’s usual frenzy and spirit, glowing, A throng of tired minds going home and families on an outing, No hint in the air, as to what those devious minds were scheming, As the normalcy of the evening grew into theContinue reading “Terror Unleashed”

The dead man’s realm

In the heaven on earth, now ravaged by war In the snow kissed mountains, white eagles soar A cobbled path snakes up the pine woods Carrying the lost army of love who broods T’was a day like any other in the clouds Of cold and wind and terrors’ shrouds That hid all hope and laughterContinue reading “The dead man’s realm”

The Earthquake

On a January morning, cold and dark, As the drums of the national anthem play They hoisted the tricolor to mark This glorious nation’s Republic day Who knew in that moment, a tragedy so stark Was brewing just beneath their feet Who knew they were about to embark On a journey with no retreat ItContinue reading “The Earthquake”

The Indian Husband

At the tender age of twenty one They decided I had had enough fun And with a herculean effort they found me this speci-man With whom my life’s idiosyncratic farce began He first appeared like any normal guy Just the usual, short & pale & shy The regular engineer with an average salary To allContinue reading “The Indian Husband”


Alone, alone I walk each mile, No one to look up at and smile No one has the will to care Here, true emotions are so rare Men in this town have no left time Wealth seems their only reason and rhyme All day they jostle and shout and honk And then for clemency theyContinue reading “Lost”

Fear of Death..

Born in the depths of a conscious mind, Of Life, with life, she walks behind. Like a shadow with darkness, with fear she grows, Adorned in misery, feasting on life’s sorrows. In sickness, with age, her power she gains, From Life, her fair twin, all joy she drains. In the mind that gave her birthContinue reading “Fear of Death..”

Mindless Chaos

A promise broken, A word unspoken, A dream forsaken, A smile stolen . A silence unread A tear unshed A desire unfed A feeling, dead A light darkened A shadow lengthened A sorrow strengthened A hatred deepened. A path untread A love unsaid A debt paid. A mind made A good-bye it is A deepContinue reading “Mindless Chaos”

My Quest for Beauty

Beauty! where are you, in what object you dwell? In the clouds adrift, in the pebbles’ shade, in the flower’s fragrance, in the rivers’ swell? In the bird’s feather, in the butterflies’ wing, on the fishes’ scales, on the snail’s shell? In the color of moss, in the hue of sunset, in the silence ofContinue reading “My Quest for Beauty”


There are questions in my mind the answers I can’t find What is good and what is bad? What is selfish what is kind? Life is a battle but they say wars are cruel. Everything happens for the good but then what’s destiny? ‘Nothing is in your hands’ when someone loses, ‘It’s your diligence’ whenContinue reading “Confused”

Immortal Error

There are times when you feel, there’s no other way but to kneel Down to that God! The creator of all life. Happiness and troubles and goodness and strife He made a miracle, a thing of beauty , Perfect contours, fair, a lady, Every face as if etched out of diamond, Every feature carved delicatelyContinue reading “Immortal Error”


Alone alone I walk each mile, no one to look up at and smile. Each tear drops with a despairing shout, no soothing hand to wipe it out. Each word goes into mirrored ears. They nod and smile but no one hears. Each one has his own life to live, his battles to fight, hisContinue reading “Loneliness”

Life: A Canvas

There’s an empty canvas in front of me, But no picture my eyes can forsee, All colors of life I do hold, But not a single one can unfold, All that lies deep within, My dreams, my stories, unheard, unseen. That canvas looms like a huge shadow, And future seems but a deserted meadow. IContinue reading “Life: A Canvas”


You have a face that’s a sculptors’ pride, Your eyes, so intense, they defy All those feelings, I wish to hide, And enslaved in their depth, I lie Your presence is like a fresh flower, It brings fragrance everywhere, Your smile, has like sunshine, the power, To penetrate the deepest, darkest lair, Your words, likeContinue reading “You…”

Children’s Eyes

Have you ever looked into the eyes of children? They speak of so many little things.. That latest mischief,those unheard stories. They emit the radiance of an unblemished heart, They’re the threshold to their world of mysteries. The windows into their topsy-turvy minds. They carve a niche in your heart and you wont know. They’reContinue reading “Children’s Eyes”


Change- a word with a great impact, On life’s smallest detail and fact. Life’s second name it is in gold ,Without it, all progress is on hold Sometimes it comes as a duty call, with loads of work you cannot stall. Sometimes it’s the bottom of a vale, with tall mountains on either side toContinue reading “Change”

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