Life: A Canvas

There’s an empty canvas in front of me,

But no picture my eyes can forsee,

All colors of life I do hold,

But not a single one can unfold,

All that lies deep within,

My dreams, my stories, unheard, unseen.

That canvas looms like a huge shadow,

And future seems but a deserted meadow.

I pick up the brush and suddenly a flash,

From my childhood days, I see and i splash,

A sprinkle of pink and bubbly blue,

And then my school days blink a clue,

And out comes a slush of yellow and green,

Of innocent adolescence and big big dreams.

That friendship’s hue- of sunlight on dew.

A sprinkle of golden for life’s autumn.

A tiny dot of violet on red,

A symbol of the dark times, the tears shed.

Light lavender-a shade of beauty.

That time in life when all was crazy.

A sparkle of silver for all those years

When clouds of gloom shadowed hopes with fears.

A pretty line of cyan with shades of turquoise

For those majestic dreams of a life of choice.

A tiny swish of sparkle on brown,

For youth-all ages’ crown.

And suddenly I saw my canvas alive,

With an amazing picture of my life.

So what if life today is bleak?

My memories forever, of my happiness shall speak.

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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