Alone alone I walk each mile, no one to look up at and smile.

Each tear drops with a despairing shout, no soothing hand to wipe it out.

Each word goes into mirrored ears. They nod and smile but no one hears.

Each one has his own life to live, his battles to fight, his burdens to heave.

Then perhaps, maybe I was wrong ,so what if I was alone in this throng.

There are others more sad than me, From stresses of time, money, relations no one’s free.

So can’t I, lonely as I am ,Be a friend in their life’s losing game.

For no one wiped my tears away, but my hand is free , soothing words I can say.

My smile could be their source of light, My bent back could add to their might.

So friend, I am lonely but I feel ,Life is after all, not such a bad deal

I could be someone else’s reason to laugh, I could be their trouble divider of half.

I could be the twinkle in their eyes, Of their happiness, I’d always get a slice

And all such slices will make my joys, So loneliness, no more is a choice.

Live life, love life is all I’d say, And enjoy as a gift, each hour, each new day.

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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