Immortal Error

There are times when you feel, there’s no other way but to kneel

Down to that God! The creator of all life.

Happiness and troubles and goodness and strife

He made a miracle, a thing of beauty ,

Perfect contours, fair, a lady,

Every face as if etched out of diamond,

Every feature carved delicately and fashioned,

Then when the time came to give it a heart,

The devil secretly shot a venomous dart

Cause when this form, with life was blessed,

A sigh, from man and nature, expressed

Of wonder and awe it began,

But soon, jealousy, slander and war there ran,

That devil’s venom penetrated the eyes from that soft heart

And spread in the air, in man’s minds and in his art

As a beautiful rose, this form was thorned,

And all who possessed her of pain, mourned

Her long black hair like a fisherman’s net

Trapped all men, mighty or meek, she met

Her soft skin, softer than the white clouds

Held nothing, but emptiness, shrouds

Her eyes, a deep sea of unborn regrets,

And sometimes, cruelly dark mysterious secrets.

Her delicate, slender, long fingers when held,

The minds of the boldest and bravest, felled,

That damned moment when God decided to give her a heart,

He made a mistake that tore his glorious world apart.

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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