Scripted in Sand

Ananya was playing “catch” with the sea again. Lithe, prancing, giggling, clapping and splitting into squeals of excited laughter, every time the soft, gentle foam of the tiny wavelets missed her feet. Bending down and rolling her tiny jeans up an inch further whenever they caught onto her and lapped up around her tiny bareContinue reading “Scripted in Sand”

The Hand

It was perfect. Beaches these days rarely are. What with the swarming crowds and the careless tourists and hotels and water sport agencies. But this time it was perfect. Pristine. Clear blue sky meeting the clear blue sea with the sun shimmering on the endless waters as if it was tasked to make it shine,Continue reading “The Hand”

An Unusual Monday Commute

Natasha is cycling, or trying to, switching between pedaling and pushing and cribbing and cursing as she crawls onto Harlur road. Just as the road twists another 30 degrees, she finds herself staring into her recurring nightmare. A long string of cars dotted here and there by a rickshaw jamming the road in both directions.Continue reading “An Unusual Monday Commute”

Lex Talionis

Rekha was ecstatic. Finally, the day had come. She had been waiting for this opportunity for over four weeks now. Huh! Four Weeks? What self-respecting lady like woman would let those tiny bristles grow and flourish for four weeks. She wondered. Earlier that afternoon, Rekha’s manager had informed her of the services booked by theirContinue reading “Lex Talionis”

Alter Ego

That day, when a complete stranger’s message popped up on her laptop screen, Neha’s perception of reality changed forever. She had been quite close to her mother. Over the years, when she left home for studies, work and later as she built her own family. Her mother had been that one constant, like a beacon,Continue reading “Alter Ego”

The Beginning of the End

The mean nurse, in her starched whites, with a staccato burst instructed that I could go in for a moment, just a moment. It was terrifying, that walk through the chamber of the dying. The first thing that hit me as I entered was the smell. Disinfectant and disease. Synonymous, the smell of pain. ThenContinue reading “The Beginning of the End”

That Night

I have had those dreams. Yes, I am a conservative Gujarati male, Software Engineer, 26 YO, owner of a white Suzuki Swift. And I have had those dreams for some years now. Not unlike the rest of my friends, who are all, conservative Gujarati males, software engineers also 26 year olds and owners of theirContinue reading “That Night”

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