Navras artwork by Shailly Gajjar

    Every person born (and every dog too) lives an exceptional story. But not all are written and few are known. I am one of those hopeless romantics who sees a story, of love, of peace, of wonder, of fear, of rage, of strength, of kindness and of laughter in the everyday world around.

    This blog is a consolidation of

    (1) my poems which come out of pure passion

    (2) my stories that are never outside of real life

    (3) my rants, that are penned while some issue really bugs me to the core

    (4) my cycle chronicles that are small anecdotes and thoughts that occur to me in the presence of my very adorable cycle and

    (5) some status messages over facebook that have given me the confidence that someone or the else is reading and relating all the time.

    Please do read and drop a comment or hit a like or subscribe if the blog intrigues you. I am learning to present my stories and songs better so any criticism is welcome 🙂

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