Mountains & Beaches… The only things worth living for!

I am a scientist by education, engineer by profession, teacher by passion and a pessimist by nature.  Born in a small town with big ambitions, I have been pretty much moving towns, work and houses for the last fifteen years.

I penned my first poem in Feb’2000 as an aftermath of the devastation left in the wake of an earthquake. Since then, writing has been an off again on again love affair that took a very serious turn after joining Write Club Bangalore in 2012.

I live by the phrase “this too shall pass”.

Falling in love is my worst bad habit.

Guilt is my shadow and fear my forsaken friend.

I believe in black and white and not shades of grey when it comes to people.

Work is my savior and my God.

I’ve been told I have a dry sense of humor. Maybe that’s because I’m from a dry state? 🙂

I’m fat and I blame my fatness on my genes and not my self.

I like the outdoors. Empty highways, beaches, sunsets, hills, meadows, bikes, streams….but not the sunrises…Waking up in the mornings is my toughest ordeal.

I grew up believing in bollywood love stories and it took me a very long and painful adult life to unbelieve it. I still get into old habits sometimes.

I read…not a lot…but quite a bit. I stick to fiction unless something else comes highly recommended. I do that even at the cost of sounding un-intellectual.

I speak a lot. I like it. I speak my mind. I have often been praised as “refreshing”and insulted as being “rude” for saying what I think.

I enjoy cooking and cycling and climbing places while I’m not sleeping.

Beaches or Mountains? I’ll never be able to pick that one.

My ultimate goal in life is to settle somewhere far away in the tiny villages near Lake Maggiore in Italy, in a small house, with a dog and a book and a little bit of money.

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