Born in a dinghy little alleyway between the “Moti” apartment’s side wall and it’s compound wall, amidst a pile of discarded glass and trash and scrap paper and all, on one of the coldest days the town had seen that winter, the survival of this tiny ball of fur amidst a litter of five, wasContinue reading “Lucky”


Recently a dynamic personality, a terrific teacher and a wonderful human being passed away. I had the good luck of having been her student. She was the principal of our school, Sister Anita. Her death is indeed a great loss to all of us, especially the young girls of my city, Jamnagar. She was theContinue reading “Teaching”

Inside Obsession

There is a lot of pain in this world. Each of us encounters it in different ways. Either we suffer or we see close ones suffer. Be it a simple jerk on the funnybone, migraine, gangrene, cancer, appendicitis or a simple harmless toothache. I have seen people sympathize and try to help the sufferers. AndContinue reading “Inside Obsession”


There’s a presence I avoid believing in, It’s faceless, voiceless, formless … If I say it doesn’t exist, the reason for my being where I am is an unsolved mystery,  If I say it does, it’s an easy excuse…For some, the optimists ofcourse, its their greatest guide…for me, an eternal enemy… As d-issapointment, d-espair, d-estruction,Continue reading “D-“


Are you afraid to be the same in your own actions as you are in your desire? (Macbeth). Will you always say “I can’t” after “I won’t”? Were you drunk when you first bent on one knee and professed infinite love and promised a lifetime of partnership in the midst of a room full ofContinue reading “Why?”

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