Watch your Weight

I stared at the weighing machine scale. Willing it, with every fiber of my being to shift left, focusing all my brain waves into shifting it left, praying to all the gods I had once fed, to shift it left, making yet another deal with the universe, if only it shifted left. But it didn’t.Continue reading “Watch your Weight”

Four Weeks

“Anyone help! Need a bed with oxygen in Rajkot” “Folks, anyone has contacts in Delhi? Need Remdesvir…” “My friend’s brother needs ECMO, any leverage in Baroda?” “Age 40, father of two, SpO2 at 60, help me find a ventilator bed in Chennai. No forwards. Please” “Need Amphotericin – B in Patna, any leads?” “Need woodContinue reading “Four Weeks”

Ten things to NOT do when the guy who dumped you gets married…..

For all those heartbroken souls out there, adding to the immense problem of global warming by throwing tear drenched tissues after tear drenched tissues into the endless landfills, overwhelming the universe with your sadness and sorrow, polluting the internet with cheesy memes about your broken hearts, let me tell you, as a five times experiencedContinue reading “Ten things to NOT do when the guy who dumped you gets married…..”


We were probably fifteen when we first met. I had moved to her school. And my first ever thought on seeing her was….”Wow! She’s gorgeous.” Even in those loose-fitting pale beige trousers and white shirts that was our school uniform, Heema stood out. As one of the most beautiful people I’d ever seen till then.Continue reading “Heema….”


Born in a dinghy little alleyway between the “Moti” apartment’s side wall and it’s compound wall, amidst a pile of discarded glass and trash and scrap paper and all, on one of the coldest days the town had seen that winter, the survival of this tiny ball of fur amidst a litter of five, wasContinue reading “Lucky”


Recently a dynamic personality, a terrific teacher and a wonderful human being passed away. I had the good luck of having been her student. She was the principal of our school, Sister Anita. Her death is indeed a great loss to all of us, especially the young girls of my city, Jamnagar. She was theContinue reading “Teaching”

Inside Obsession

There is a lot of pain in this world. Each of us encounters it in different ways. Either we suffer or we see close ones suffer. Be it a simple jerk on the funnybone, migraine, gangrene, cancer, appendicitis or a simple harmless toothache. I have seen people sympathize and try to help the sufferers. AndContinue reading “Inside Obsession”


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