You have a face that’s a sculptors’ pride,

Your eyes, so intense, they defy

All those feelings, I wish to hide,

And enslaved in their depth, I lie

Your presence is like a fresh flower,

It brings fragrance everywhere,

Your smile, has like sunshine, the power,

To penetrate the deepest, darkest lair,

Your words, like tunes of music, flow,

And unwind the knots of a troubled mind,

Your laughter like a reflection will show,

In tears, in the eyes, around you, I find.

Your actions have a strange way of saying,

Things are in control here,

Your gestures are so kind and caring,

When with you, I have no fear.

In this big bad world I found a person so rare,

You’re natures’ way of smiling,

With you, good times and bad, I can share,

A lovely friend, an angel’s blessing!

*** This poem was written for my first true love. That ended…nevertheless…. it gave me this and a few more stories 🙂

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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