A moment there, another, gone

A moment, just, and nothing but

A moment, infinite grief, borne

A moment, a door, forever shut.

Tis’ life, they say, they nod and shrug,

Tis’ life, strange it is, hard luck,

Tis’ life, I know, I can’t debug

Tis’ life and this, it’s going to suck.

A sadness creeps into the mind

A sadness I cannot define

A sadness, every breath, entwined

A sadness that is only mine

And with it, rage, deep and dark

And with it, rage, strong and sour

And with it rage, dreary and stark

And with it rage, growing by the hour

You, the one, always larger than life

You, the one, the party’s shine

You, the one, spirited humor rife

You, the one, a soul divine

You left, yes, you did, you cheat

You left, and you didn’t even say goodbye

You left, no, you weren’t meant for defeat

You left, forever, I will wonder why you, why?

 I miss you, God, how badly I do,

I miss you, through each breath I take

I miss you, it pains, inside black and blue

I miss you, every dreading second awake.

I hope you’re proud of the life you lived

I hope when you left, you left in peace

I hope you’re happy wherever you arrived

I hope for hope, is this pain’s only release

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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