My Quest for Beauty

Beauty! where are you, in what object you dwell?

In the clouds adrift, in the pebbles’ shade, in the flower’s fragrance, in the rivers’ swell?

In the bird’s feather, in the butterflies’ wing, on the fishes’ scales, on the snail’s shell?

In the color of moss, in the hue of sunset, in the silence of dawn, in the tinkling of a bell?

I scaled the mountains, sailed the seas, swarmed the skies and crawled the caves,

I saw the glitter, the shades that changed, I felt the cold, the surf on the waves;

On thunderous nights, under the canvas of black, I felt the wetness the parched earth craves;

Alas, long and futile, the journey, my quest for you, turned to the graves.

As I was walking back home, to reality, to my world,

With a burdened heart and a quest unsolved,

I took refuge in my work and to my self, told

Beauty, is above the perception of my mold.

And as my eyes, trance lifted, saw after long,

The endless swarm of faces and heard their song,

Suddenly I started to see, I was all wrong,

Beauty , had always dwelt around me, all along.

It was in the face of every person around me,

It was in their round chin, the curve of the lips, their expressions to be,

It was in the softness of the skin, the sparkling eyes that for long,I didn’t see

It was in the broad forehead, the delicate nose, the long eyelashes, untainted beauty, set free.

Every face was different, that I saw,

As each pencil stroke an artist would draw,

Every feature in it’s uniqueness held beauty , untamed and raw,

Concern, love, anger, disappointments, all expressions, inspired awe.

And here, my quest ended in the faces that enshrined,

The life , the meaning the actions of my kind.

And that whom, I walked miles and miles to find;

O,Beauty, you dwell but, within me and my mind!

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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