Rediscovering Me

What was I a year ago?
A Sculpture sculpted from years of care.
What am I today,don’t know,
The sculpture,to heat and rain, laid bare.

Once I was so full of joy,
Smiling and Hopping and Dancing my way.
Now I feel I am but a toy
In the hands of the one I love, to play.

Once I was strong with a beautiful mind
that loved to work and write and make.
Now the thorny ropes of attraction bind
My freedom, my thoughts, my words, forsake.

Once my sincerity,discipline and morals true
Stood every test this nasty world gave
Now, they are the brave dead crew
of the drowning ship, my soul,depraved.

Once, I had friends, we loved to play.
We stood together through sun and rain.
Now I’m all alone night and day
Cut and bruised and sobbing in pain.

Once I thought love was sacred and divine.
And I was lucky to have felt it for you
Now I am searching for all that was once mine
And lost, as our tainted bond grew.

Once I believed in my self and my will
And thought I’d never give in to desire
Now the guilt and dread have killed
All happiness, despair burns like fire.

Once I used to look at the mirror
and feel the pride of being ME
Now the reflection is a dull smear
And I wish this love, would but a nightmare be.

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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