Terror Unleashed

T’was a beautiful winter evening, with a soft breeze blowing,

The roads of Bombay, with it’s usual frenzy and spirit, glowing,

A throng of tired minds going home and families on an outing,

No hint in the air, as to what those devious minds were scheming,

As the normalcy of the evening grew into the dark night,

Those ghosts of the dark, seeped into the might,

Of the great city’s most lovely sights,

They opened fire, then began frenzied shrieks of fright.

Helter skelter ran the happy people,

The young, the old, the children, all in a muddle,

And then there came those mighty explosions,

And still more screams, blood and wounds and ghastlier visions.

Terror, a throng of pure deadly terror, reverberated through the city,

And the siege of the mansions made a gruesome history.

Who is at fault? Was the question in everyone’s mind

The victims were but innocent, unknowing and kind.

It was their destiny to be there at that time,

It could have been you or me or our city in their firing line.

The moment has come, to raise questions, to take action

Innocent lives have been lost in this political friction.

What has happened is a deathly blow to a glorious people,

But what will happen, is a decision by brave minds to be taken.

They can enter our heart, stab us, and make us cripples

This much of our security, they have now proven

The news flashes, remember those pictures,

Do we deserve that violence, that gruesome jolt, that feeling of terror?

What was the epitome of safety, is in charred ruins today.

Hatred is in the air, at the next doorstep, never far away.

Who is responsible, who is the enemy? They ask,

My friends, it is not a person, a people, a clan, but a mask!

Of a mindset, a belief, a hated, suppressed grief,

So fight it, not the terrorist, but terrorism and it’s belief.

*** Written after the terror attack on the Taj Hotel and other areas in Bombay on Nov 26’2008

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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