The dead man’s realm

In the heaven on earth, now ravaged by war

In the snow kissed mountains, white eagles soar

A cobbled path snakes up the pine woods

Carrying the lost army of love who broods

T’was a day like any other in the clouds

Of cold and wind and terrors’ shrouds

That hid all hope and laughter and love

As the trucks of soldiers, through the villages drove

One such truck and the soldiers it carried

Unknown to their fate had been doomed to be buried

By yet another army who also bravely fought

For a land both, was their own, had been taught

A blast and a boom and a chilling loud shriek

Then blood and guts spilled on the oblique

Of soldiers now bereft of breath and soul

Lay maimed and burnt for a selfish nation’s goal

And one such soul that rose from that mayhem

Wandered within our dead people’s realm

He entered our gates, shrivelled, lost and scared

And with time, healed, as our brotherhood cared

Each morning he saw an unworldly sight

Of dead men in saffron, in green, yellow, brown and white

Singing and working away hand in hand

None envious or possessive of a piece of land

In the evenings he would stroll or sometimes fly

To faraway places at the edges of the sky

And wherever he reached he felt true peace

For in the dead men’s realm, all turmoils cease

A dead man owns no body, no wealth, no earth

Here, beliefs and religion and Gods are but mirth

For once we die we understand the satire

Of all that worldly men and nations desire

What is faith, what is family, what is nation indeed?

Nothing but the finite limit of love decreed

By more selfish men who speak a little louder than most

And create the worlds’ religious and topological border-post

And so his wounded and lost spirit was finally free

Of all false patriotism, struggle, the winning spree

In the dead men’s realm, that lay beyond the darkness

A soldier found light and broke free, inane war’s harness

***Written as an exercise at Write Club Bangalore on Utopia

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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