The Earthquake

On a January morning, cold and dark,

As the drums of the national anthem play

They hoisted the tricolor to mark

This glorious nation’s Republic day

Who knew in that moment, a tragedy so stark

Was brewing just beneath their feet

Who knew they were about to embark

On a journey with no retreat

It began with a roar, a thunderous roar

That emerged from the bowels of the earth

Wild drumbeats that penetrated the core

That din, to eternal darkness, gave birth

Then came the tremors, like the earth was cold,

Shivering then trembling, then angry like the waves

They shook and faltered, the towers, young and old

That moment dug a thousand graves

What followed was pandemonium, mad chaos,

Collapsing buildings, shrieks and cries

The victory ground, now a pathos

Of maimed bodies under the dark skies

Those sixty seconds of nature’s wrath

Showed man his place in the universe it had woven

Left traumatized souls in its aftermath

And many hearts broken, many words unspoken

***Written as part of an exercise at Write Club Bangalore on Therapeutic Writing

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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