On that lonely lane, with the trees so high,

Where birds and bees, both sing and fly,

Little flowers bloom

To say goodbye to gloom,

Green meadows spread for miles and miles,

Over hilltops and lawns and stiles;

Where rabbits hop around the roads

And squirrels quarrel under their abodes,

The light breeze plays a melodious tune,

Giving music to the birds singing at noon,

Slowly the sun moves over the sea, we walk with our hearts full of pleasure unveiled.

And then as our feet roam over the land, the sun slowly sinks down and waves out it’s hand,

Suddenly grand fireworks of colors burst out; the skies join the earth, the horizon calls out

“Sleep O creatures of the mighty Creator, it is the time to rest and dream the best”

As we walk along we feel the thrill of nature’s beauty at midnight’s still;

That spreads like an ocean in the hollow of our hearts, where science has yet not thrown it’s darts.

As the waves crash on the shore, and the white foam rises from the ocean’s core,

The stars shine as glitter on black silk and the full moon white as milk,

And there we lay in the silence of the night, thinking of the waves that battered apart,

The lives that had dreamt of dreams unknown, sitting on the meadows, in the light of the dawn.

*** This is the first poem I ever wrote way back sometime in Feb’2000

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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