Clash of the Spectacles

Just a simple walk, they promised each other,

Two strangers far away from home;

Two broken hearts, on a beach, in summer,

A chance collision, in the dashing foam.

He was tall, gentle, kind and strong,

Glasses, hiding eyes deep, dark and sad

She was delicate, alive like a song,

Glasses, hiding eyes, mysterious, a tinge mad.

On that faraway island of sea shells and wind,

Two shattered souls, on self exile

A journey began, their worlds entwined,

As they walked and talked, mile after mile

And slowly the sun glided over the sea,

Apprehensive pleasure seeped into the sands,

And as their tired feet roamed free

The sun finally sank and waved it’s hands

Suddenly grand fireworks of color burst,

The skies joined the earth, the horizon turned crimson

She gingerly paused, giving into the thirst,

As anticipation met through those glasses’ prison

The stars above and sand beneath glittered,

Their lips met, in the waves, their bodies crashed,

Their hands exploring, sweet nothings whispered,

And each laughed shyly as their spectacles clashed.

***This was written in the aftermath of being dumped a second time and while missing the “love of my life”. We always used to laugh awkwardly when our specs clashed when we got close. This was etching that memory into eternity.

Written as part of an exercise at Write Club Bangalore.

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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