Fear of Death..

Born in the depths of a conscious mind,

Of Life, with life, she walks behind.

Like a shadow with darkness, with fear she grows,

Adorned in misery, feasting on life’s sorrows.

In sickness, with age, her power she gains,

From Life, her fair twin, all joy she drains.

In the mind that gave her birth she fills,

Absolute chaos, of dark thoughts that kill

The happiness created by her angelic twin.

Turning music of sanity into a dreary din.

This possessed mind, a beautiful man did own,

His health and intellect, among his race, well known.

Life her twin, in shackles of doubt she chained,

That great body of all strength she drained,

All power of mind to heal she claimed,

That intellect, her vicious claws of chaos maimed.

And once the great healer, destroyer of pain,

Lay weak and helpless, all reasons slain.

His once radiant eyes, an empty gaze,

His bright handsome features, morphed to an eternal daze

Of Life, with Life, she created an endless night,

Thus fell the kingdom, of mind to her might.

** This was something that wanted to escape my pen after my father, who was a surgeon, passed away after one year of battling cancer.

Published by Iris

I'm an aspiring blogger... Experimenting with poetry, fiction and self-help articles.

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