That Night

I have had those dreams. Yes, I am a conservative Gujarati male, Software Engineer, 26 YO, owner of a white Suzuki Swift. And I have had those dreams for some years now. Not unlike the rest of my friends, who are all, conservative Gujarati males, software engineers also 26 year olds and owners of theirContinue reading “That Night”

Happy Treats: A story of baking love

Never has this town needed more sweetness and smiles than today. And that is exactly what Jenny has been serving, with a pinch of art and her very own special dose of love, for the last five years, through her cakes and baking at Happy Treats. Her journey into baking began on July 19’2015, withContinue reading “Happy Treats: A story of baking love”

Letters of Love between a Cup & Saucer

From,The Cup,Shelf No. 2,Right Glass Cabinet,Mrs. Moss’s KitchenTo,The SaucerSub: Time to break-upDear Saucer,Let me begin by saying how terribly relieved I am to know that this letter will be read to you by dear aunt tea-pot and that you will not be alone in this tough time.My Sauciepie, my dazzling Saucerer, my very own Saucy,Continue reading “Letters of Love between a Cup & Saucer”

The Best Teacher Ever – Sister Anita

Most school going children idolize someone. If you ask them for a role model they’ll have a prompt answer. Some idolize beauty, some brains, some persona, some kindness…. But if you happen to meet any girl of St Ann’s Jamnagar who has been in school in the period from 1999 to 2003 the uncontested answerContinue reading “The Best Teacher Ever – Sister Anita”