An Unusual Monday Commute

Natasha is cycling, or trying to, switching between pedaling and pushing and cribbing and cursing as she crawls onto Harlur road. Just as the road twists another 30 degrees, she finds herself staring into her recurring nightmare. A long string of cars dotted here and there by a rickshaw jamming the road in both directions.Continue reading “An Unusual Monday Commute”

And then…She asked Him out.

“I am dying for a cup of hot chocolate…” The tiny hangouts chat box blinked green and popped up in the corner of his laptop screen as he sat plotting yet another graph of temperature versus conductivity. Just at that moment, he was arguing with himself about whether or not to shift the fifth readingContinue reading “And then…She asked Him out.”

Lex Talionis

Rekha was ecstatic. Finally, the day had come. She had been waiting for this opportunity for over four weeks now. Huh! Four Weeks? What self-respecting lady like woman would let those tiny bristles grow and flourish for four weeks. She wondered. Earlier that afternoon, Rekha’s manager had informed her of the services booked by theirContinue reading “Lex Talionis”

That Night

I have had those dreams. Yes, I am a conservative Gujarati male, Software Engineer, 26 YO, owner of a white Suzuki Swift. And I have had those dreams for some years now. Not unlike the rest of my friends, who are all, conservative Gujarati males, software engineers also 26 year olds and owners of theirContinue reading “That Night”

Happy Treats: A story of baking love

Never has this town needed more sweetness and smiles than today. And that is exactly what Jenny has been serving, with a pinch of art and her very own special dose of love, for the last five years, through her cakes and baking at Happy Treats. Her journey into baking began on July 19’2015, withContinue reading “Happy Treats: A story of baking love”

Letters of Love between a Cup & Saucer

From,The Cup,Shelf No. 2,Right Glass Cabinet,Mrs. Moss’s KitchenTo,The SaucerSub: Time to break-upDear Saucer,Let me begin by saying how terribly relieved I am to know that this letter will be read to you by dear aunt tea-pot and that you will not be alone in this tough time.My Sauciepie, my dazzling Saucerer, my very own Saucy,Continue reading “Letters of Love between a Cup & Saucer”